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SP Bel-Art Touch Free 7.3 Gallon Automatic Waste Can with Red Lid

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  • 2457353
  • F13202-0022
The Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Can’s motion-sensitive lid opens automatically to accept waste,... more

The Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Can’s motion-sensitive lid opens automatically to accept waste, and then closes into a fitted well that helps to reduce odor and airborne contamination. Durable and dependable, it can be used with autoclavale biohazard disposal bags or commercially available trash bags.

  • Dbatteries (not included) provide approximately 4,000 openings
  • Onoff switch deactivates the auto-open/close function
  • Supplied with a preprinted, brightlycolored Biohazard label, 2 others for Recyclables and Trash, and a Blank label for individualized applications
  • F132020020 and F13202-0022 cans have a 7.3 gallon capacity, molded polypropylene pail, and ABS plastic top
  • F132020030 can has a 12 gallon capacity, stainless steel pail, and black ABS plastic top
  • Use with 24 x 30”, 24 x 36” or 25 x 35” bags
Capacity: 7.3 gallon
DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 36.8 x 26.7 x 57.1cm (14¹/? x 10¹/? x 22¹/?")
MATERIAL: Plastic - Red
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SP Bel-Art

Research, industrial and healthcare professionals rely on SP Industries’ (SP Scientific Products) labware for their sample handling needs. Whether collecting, organizing, preparing, processing, analyzing, storing or disposing of materials, SP Bel-Art brand provides a broad selection of innovative and tried and true product solutions. Together they support research and production across diverse end user markets including biopharma, life science, safety, academia, food and beverage, petrochemical and clinical health.

SP Bel-Art® brand offers over 3,500 labware products from safety wash bottles to fume hoods including H-B Instrument® thermometers, hydrometers and timers, Poxygrid® racks, Secador® desiccators, Spinbar® stirring bars, Sterileware® scoops and spoons, and more. In addition, SP also offers U.S. based thermometer and hydrometer calibration services.