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Merck Millipore Q-POD® Element

Merck Millipore Q-POD® Element

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Merck Millipore®

Merck Millipore® is the life science division of the pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck KGaA from Darmstadt. After the purchase of the US Millipore Corporation, all biotechnology activities of Merck KGaA were combined in this division. 

Merck Millipore ASM UV LAMP W/CABLE Merck Millipore ASM UV LAMP W/CABLE
Content 1 PK
Order No.: 1188643
Manufacturer Art. No.: ZFRES00UV
Merck Millipore QUANTUM EX Merck Millipore QUANTUM EX
Content 1 PK
€521.10 €579.00 *
Order No.: 1188323
Manufacturer Art. No.: QTUM000EX
Merck Millipore Q-GARD 2 Merck Millipore Q-GARD 2
Content 1 PK
€337.50 €375.00 *
Order No.: 1188319
Manufacturer Art. No.: QGARD00D2
Merck Millipore Q-POD® Stand Merck Millipore Q-POD® Stand
Content 1 PK
Order No.: 1846532
Manufacturer Art. No.: ZMQSP0D02
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